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Rev-er comes from the experience of the Fema Group, a leading Italian company in the field of non-invasive aesthetic medicine.

Our Mission
Offer the professional latest generation technologies and trichological products to be ready with the need for an increasingly competitive market. We privilege the multi-service salon where hair care is integrated into a full-scale wellness program. The Rev-er Method originates from this peculiar approach.

Our Commitment
It aims to inspire and improve the quality of working life of beauty professionals through concepts, products and services that allow them to offer unique experiences to their clients.


Rev-er Methos


Rev-er is the innovative method that restores beauty and balance to your hair thanks to the use of pure oxygen.


The exclusive combination of this new technology with specific localized treatments will allow you to give new shine to your hair and much more.



O2 jobicon copia
The innovative Rev-er technology uses 95% pure oxygen. A molecule among the smallest in nature that therefore provides significant advantages compared to cosmetic products that are absorbed only for 5% by hair and skin.
Thanks to the thorough trichoscopic analysis of hair and skin, carried out by a Rev-er specialist through a trico-camera, we are able to analyze every single case and customize the treatment to make it more suitable for everyone's needs.

The advantages of Oxygen

  • Increased penetration capacity through the skin and hair
  • Facilitates the absorption of serums and beauty treatments
  • Revascularization of tissues
  • Reorganization of the hydro-lipid component
  • Increased cellular activity
  • Repositioning of the "scales" of the hair cuticle

Our methodology

  • Free analysis of the hair's health and the skin in general
  • Scientific and specialist because the protocol is based on scientific tests and carried out by our specialized staff
  • Effective because based on personalized treatments
  • Pleasant and relaxing because it is not invasive
  • Easy to find: contact us to discover the Rev-er center of your city






Nature Force


To restore beauty at your hair


Anti-loss - The strength in your hair

To whom it is addressed

The treatment is designed to give new shine, strength, treability to dry hair and over time have become brittle and frizzy due to aggressive treatments, but also due to stress and bad habits.

What results ensures

The treatment, thanks to the exclusive combination of technology and active ingredients, works to restore the original beauty of your hair and skin health, working on the balance that stress factors have altered.

To whom it is addressed

Thinning and premature hair loss are among the most common problems for men and women. The causes are many but can be attributed to an excessive production of the sebaceous glands that do not guarantee a correct vascularization of the capillaries and obstruct the hair bulb and therefore the growth of the hair.

What results ensures

Through oxygen therapy and specific active ingredients, the treatment cycle is able to ensure the correct nutrition to the hair bulb, the therapy works to restore the correct nutrition to the hair bulb. The result will consist in the progressive thickening of the hair up to 5 times the pre-treatment dimension.


Vitalité Luxury


Beauty - FACE


Beauty at 360° - HAIR AND FACE

To whom it is addressed

To all those who want to give light and breath to the face.

What results ensures

Treatment with pure oxygen is able to reactivate the cutaneous metabolism altered by aging, stress, pollution and sun exposure. High purity oxygen (95%) stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and the skin regains brightness and elasticity. The treatment is enhanced by the use of sera containing specific active ingredients for the blemish that the area to be treated has.

To whom it is addressed

To those who, with a single gesture, want to take care of their appearance, giving themselves a complete treatment.

What results ensures

The treatment works to restore beauty and shine to your hair and health to your skin. The propulsion of oxygen and other active ingredients is therefore a valid alternative to more invasive methods for skin rejuvenation.


To treat all scalp imbalances


To whom it is addressed

Presence of yellowish scales, irritated skin with tendency to reddening with, at the base, an excessive production of sebum are the most common manifestations for oily dandruff.

What results ensures

Oxygen therapy, together with specific active ingredients, works on the skin tissue to return the right balance to the hydrolipidic film to protect the skin. Final results and documented by scientific tests.


To whom it is addressed

The excessive production of the sebaceous glands does not allow proper lubrication of the scalp and this causes itching, pain in the scalp, until the fall of the itself hair.

What results ensures

Oxygen therapy, associated with the active ingredients specific to this problem, purify and soothe the inflamed scalp and restore the correct lipid balance of the skin and hair.


To whom it is addressed

Sensations of itching of the skin, dryness, small white scales on the scalp are the most common symptoms of dry dandruff, a disturbance due to an alteration of the correct lubrication of the skin.

What results ensures

The active ingredients, conveyed through oxygen therapy, penetrate the epidermis revascularizing the blood vessels and nourishing the skin until the normal hydrolipidic protection film is restored.






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Being a Rev-er partner means choosing to raise the level of one's center and satisfy the ever-increasing need of people to achieve that state of beauty and harmony with oneself and one's body.

Being a Rev-er partner means being able to expand its range of services and be able to offer its clients innovative and exclusive treatments.

We have various forms of collaboration that adapt to every need.


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