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Use of cookies

This website, e-mails can make use of "cookies" for the optimisation of our services.


What is a "cookie"?

A "cookie" is a small file, usually made up of letters and numbers, that we send to the browser via our web server, which contains the cookies on your computer's hard disk. For example it allows our website to recognise the device of a user once the link between the web server and the web browser has been created. The main purpose of a cookie is to allow our web server to show dedicated web pages to the user, customising their user experience and adapting the website to their personal needs.


What cookies are used by this website?

Rev-er can use two types of cookie on this website:

• session cookies:

these are temporary cookies, stored in your browser's file, which retains the cookies until the browser's session is over. These cookies are needed for specific applications or functions, in order for this website to operate correctly.


• persistent cookies:

we can use persistent cookies for improving the user's experience (e.g. for providing a customised navigation). These cookies remain in your browser's file for a longer time. This time depends on your internet browser's settings. Persistent cookies allow information to be transferred to a web server any time the website is visited. Persistent cookies are also known as tracking cookies. Many online articles explain the operation of cookies. For instance see: